Broken Link Checker? Broken Ranking Preventer!

Our broken link checker allows you to find dead links on your pages and either update or remove them. When your pages have dead links within them, the search engines assume that your information is not current and that visitors to your site may click off past the end of the internet and fall into the empty void of digital eternity. Aside from the visuals the my description produced, search engines don't like to send people off in these directions and penalize your pages and even your entire site for linking to pages that no longer exist.

The broken link checker at AutoMapIt is designed to alert you to these potential problems by scanning ahead to all of the links on each of your pages and reporting back any 4xx HTTP errors (potential rank killers) or 3XX redirects (more of an informational thing than a rank killer).

This tool is more intensive on our server than other tools and is only available for upgraded accounts. It doesn't require us to load the entire page which helps to minimize the impact on servers that you link to, but it does mean that we need to make an HTTP request for each link on each of your pages.

While there are free link checkers on the web, we offer this service as a way to consolidate all of your website health features into one location. The link report is compiled each time we spider your website as the spider is running. You will be able to see updated results each time your sitemaps are produced which will help you to keep your website healthy and keep the search engines interested in your site.