More features means you have better control

AutoMapIt is available as a free tool or as a Professional Membership with some very advanced features.

Pro Membership is designed to analyze many factors from your code... to your server speed (per page)... to common configuration errors that hold 98% of websites back from ever gaining rank.

You get simple HTML code for your pages that will allow your visitors to search your websites content... and real-time reports on which terms were searched for and when they were entered. This allows you to see what your visitors expect to find when they are using your website, in real-time, as it happens.

AutoMapIt analyzes every page of your website for specific issues that may be preventing you from ranking like you should.

AutoMapIt Pro allows you to...
  1. Fully automate your sitemap creation
  2. Free your time from software downloads, setups, updates, patches, and other related issues
  3. Free up your own bandwidth and CPU from running other sitemap scripts and programs
  4. Scan your website for critical spiderability issues that prevent rank
  5. Schedule updates to run after any number of days
  6. Automatically verify that your sitemaps are valid XML and meet the sitemap criteria
  7. Automatically upload the sitemaps to your website
  8. Automatically notify the search engines when new sitemaps are uploaded

Sitemaps are available in the following formats...

The ant story...

The AutoMapIt Pro system uses a set of specialized scripts that I like to think of as 'Ants'. All of the ants live in a 'colony' on this site and each one has a specialized purpose.

There is a queen ant which controls the entire workflow and health of the colony. The queen can also make an educated guess at how your server is running and will slow the crawl rate temporarily if it senses your server is having any problems when we are crawling your site. Just like with real ants, if this queen ant wasn't running the show, nothing would get done in the colony.

The Scout Ants are the ones which visit your site and crawl your pages. They bring back a copy of your webpage and place it into the 'Colony', where the other ants begin their work.

This system saves bandwidth on your server since your pages are only accessed once per update and each ant can take it's turn performing a specialized task on the copy of your webpage stored in the colony.

What all of these ants produce for you is clear information on any critical issues affecting your ability to rank well. You will know exactly which pages have what types of errors that prevent good ranking.

*Full access to some of the tools require a Pro Membership.