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  • Are you looking for the fastest way to get your site into the search engines?
  • Do you want to be sure that your website ranks quickly and is clear of any issues that push the search engines away?
  • Do you want to start earning higher profits from the massive traffic that search engines are sending to your competitors website every day?

Then AutoMapIt's Sitemap Generator is the answer you've been searching for...

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What a great, timesaving service!! I will be signing up my other 4 sites now!!
My first site popped up to the first page on the three major search engines within 3 days.
Thank you so much!!!!!

Mary Stirrett -

What is AutoMapIt?

AutoMapIt is a collection of webmaster tools to help your site do better in the search engines, period. It begins with the sitemaps that we produce for your website, including static pages, dynamic pages, blogs, forums, online product catalogs... EVERYTHING the search engines will eventually find if they are left to do it on their own for a few months, AutoMapIt finds within minutes or hours. When your sitemap is submitted to the search engines, they will know about every URL on your site and can begin visiting your pages within days, but having bad HTML code or a poor architecture for your site may continue to prevent it from getting the search engine ranking you deserve.

I had a good look around at alternatives before choosing this service. What a great decision I made. It has saved me so much time, the html map was easily customized to blend in with my site and the support is outstanding.

Mark Wiseman

Why use AutoMapIt?

AutoMapIt goes beyond your sitemaps and beyond normal SEO tools to individually evaluate every page of your website that my system finds when crawling for your sitemaps. This system helps to ensure that your webpages are in good condition when Google comes calling, meaning nothing is holding you back from actually get the search engine ranking your site deserves! As you know, better rankings mean more traffic and higher profits from your site!

But once you have the exposure through sitemaps and the search ranking from having a spider-friendly website, your ultimate goal is probably to acheive higher profits for your online business. Once again, AutoMapIt has you covered by using our Site Search Box. This involves copying and pasting a bit of HTML code into your webpages that will allow your visitors to search for what they want while on your website. It only shows URLs from your website, so your visitors find what they want quickly and they find it on your website! When your visitors stay more, they pay more... make sure they enjoy using your site!

If you can make the search engines AND your visitors happy, then you have conquered some of the toughest challenges of having a successful business on the internet. AutoMapIt's unique set of tools help you to get noticed, helps you to follow search engine guidelines, and helps to keep your visitors happier using the search box on your site.

I love this tool! I have tried many for my Joomla! sites and this worked very well. Plus support is perfect!

Gary Bradshaw -

Will AutoMapIt help your website?

Yes, by following the system and correcting any issues that AutoMapIt finds, your SEO efforts will have a much bigger impact on your ranking. AutoMapIt uncovers vital technical issues that may not be visible when testing with your browser. My system tells you which spider-killing problems exist on any URL of your website.

Obviously, your website is unique and it's difficult to pre-plan a system and options that work best for everybody on every site. AutoMapIt has introduced many types of options, filters, tweakers, and checkers to help you customize the system to your exact needs. You can filter out pages, folders, or other URL bits, you can edit sitemaps settings for every individual URL on your site, and as a Pro Member, you can review advanced details of your site to help improve loading speed, identify bottlenecks, and improve your site with an in-depth look at the health of your website.

AutoMapIt takes this a step further and helps you to automate most of these processes. This allows you more time to focus on the core of your business and to become more successful at what you do. As a Pro Member, your sitemaps will be updated automatically as often as you like. Each time your sitemaps get updated, the results of your Site Search Box are updated as well.

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Don't take my word for it... see what AutoMapIt customers have to say about this service.

My managed sitemap creation service is designed to take care of the automated tasks and to grow with the demand for new features. I offer much more than your average sitemap generator.