Upgrades are available for those who want MORE

Why Upgrade?

  • You set how often your sitemaps are updated
  • No requirement to link back to AutoMapIt
  • 500 page limit increased to 50,000 URL limit
  • Search Box indexes more keywords from your site
  • Advanced Tools and Reporting to help guide your on-site SEO efforts
  • For a $10 minimum deposit, your sitemaps are $1 per update

If you require more frequent spidering, ad removal, or full access to our additional tools we offer an upgraded service. You are able to deposit funds into your account which will be withdrawn each time your sitemaps are generated. The current rate is $1 per update of up to 50,000 pages and includes several additional tools with expanded reporting on some of the free tools.

There are also options to use the Broken Link Checker and the Quality Checker for $1 per update each. In addition to choosing how much power goes into your updates, you can also choose how often you want your sitemaps generated and you can change your mind at any time. It is possible to turn off the automatic update and only generate new sitemaps when you click the "Spider me now" button. This gives you total control over your funds and your experience with AutoMapIt.

I also offer bonuses for larger deposits that match your deposit up to 30%! For really busy webmasters or SEO companies who like to buy bulk volumes, this benefit can really stretch your dollar!