"More Than 'Just Sitemaps'" Means Better SEO for Your Website

Our services are designed to improve your SEO value and to do it as hands-free for you as possible. We offer Ad-Supported Free accounts to everyone with 1 major update each month. We deliver your HTML sitemap, Yahoo sitemap, and OPML sitemap free of charge directly to your website where it does the most good when you Sign up. The only 'catch' is that this free service requires that you agree to allow us to place our advertising on the HTML sitemap that we provide for you free of charge. The free accounts are limited in spidering per month to sites that are 500 pages or less, which is still better than never getting updated. Quality websites with more than 500 pages should really consider the ad-free upgrades after they Sign up.

Upgraded members get increased spidering limits and can set their own update frequency and which upgraded options you want to use. Upgraded members can forget about the hassles of sitemaps completely while gaining exposure for your site quickly and effortlessly! Our fees are meant to be low so that anyone can take advantage of this fully automated sitemap generation service, but it is not for everyone. Anyone who is actively pursuing ranking or participates in link exchange programs, PPC advertising or any other effort to promote your site should seriously consider what this service can offer them. What is it worth in terms of peace of mind? Once your account is activated, our intelligent bot system takes over and will create your sitemaps and upload them to your server on a regular basis!

We offer more than 'just sitemaps' so that you can finally gain ground in the SEO game. Our tools are designed to take most of the SEO articles that you will read and remove the mystery. Our tools are designed to point out specific errors on your site and tell you exactly where they are (and how to fix them). When it comes down to it... Do you really want sitemaps? Or do you really want Ranking in the search engines? AutoMapIt helps you to rank well using sitemaps as only a part of the whole strategy.

Blog sites and online stores gain from having all of their sitemaps updated regularly and automatically. Informational sites can get your articles and reports available quickly to the public. If you're already busy managing all of the other services that you are a part of, stop worrying. This system is 100% hands-free after your account is setup and activated but first you need to Sign up. This helps search engines to pick up your pages faster and spider them more deeply than ever before, helping to spider ALL of your pages. Let the search engines know about all of your pages sooner than your competition reveals their latest documents. Sign up today!