Sitemaps, the key to successful Search Engine Placement

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Automatic upload of your sitemap files is now optional
Our automatic upload feature is now an optional feature. This new alternative method allows you to download your sitemaps on-demand after the spider has crawled

Website Quality Checker early pre-release sneak peek

How RSS Site Maps Get Noticed Using RSS Auto Discovery

New system for crawling your site... using AutoMapIt Ants!

Site Map URL exclusion feature inspired by a Joomla user

Upon Activation after auto FTP I got the following below

Very slow spidering... can it be stopped so I can tweak it?

Very slow spidering... can it be stopped so I can tweak it?

No Broken Links but Auto Generated Sitemap still has 404s

Need to update my OPML sitemap file with H1, H2 tags please

How long for sitemap to discover pages 3 or more levels down

‘Defensible’ websites help ensure your success more than SEO alone
A website with great SEO that is not 'defensible' is at risk of becoming useless... and not by anything you do to it!

AutoMapIt Scores Another “You Saw It Here First” for Dynamic URL Rewriting!
Long time subscribers of AutoMapIt have seen a few of the tools that I provide go into the mainstream search engines in one way or another. I like to think of

AutoMapIt Crawlers saves you bandwidth checking your Last-Modified headers by using If-Modified-Since
AutoMapIt now uses If-Modified-Since headers with the crawlers. What this means for you is that pages that haven't been updated since the last time this system

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Current Server Time (changes every time you refresh): 18/Jun/2019 10:59:25 AM CDT

Comparing the current time and the "AutoMapIt Crawler Check" file stored on our sitemap gives you an idea of how fresh our current sitemap is. Yes, uses our own sitemap service to keep our sitemaps up to date.