Sitemaps, the key to successful Search Engine Placement

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Robots.txt sitemap submission

New system for crawling your site... using AutoMapIt Ants!

site map confusion

Use of Robots.txt?

Account Setup Procedure

Site Map URL exclusion feature inspired by a Joomla user

error message re html sitemap from google

Site-wide Keyword Analysis for upgraded accounts

sitemap update

AutoMapIt has many new features

site map

SEO Tool Enhancements

a question x 2

google, yahoo, and the others

Sitemap Placement

How long for sitemap to discover pages 3 or more levels down

ping yahoo

Yahoo specs... in a nutshell

Using the Link Mapper to track spidering errors

Request an out of schedule crawl

re Search Words


Hello again

Tweak Page

Do I need to place links to the sitemap files ?

SEO tools

Multiple Domains

setting up site maps

How can I delete a domain?

how can I create sitemaps for each subdirectory?

Index Page link

Set up But Not Sure If Everything Is Working

Spidering paradox clarification

when does spidering start?

Upon Activation after auto FTP I got the following below

Deleting domains


i put the banner in my site but still...

Errors with submission

New Upgrade System

it goes directly on your site

How to signup

Robots.txt and favicon


Website Quality Checker early pre-release sneak peek

Questions about Quality Checker

SlurpConfirm404 - Yahoo looks for bad 404 errors

Forbidden error

Quality Checker Not Working

Cost to fix errors

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Current Server Time (changes every time you refresh): 18/Jun/2019 11:11:53 AM CDT

Comparing the current time and the "AutoMapIt Crawler Check" file stored on our sitemap gives you an idea of how fresh our current sitemap is. Yes, uses our own sitemap service to keep our sitemaps up to date.