Sitemaps, the key to successful Search Engine Placement

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AutoMapIt broke the 100,000 Alexa Rank Today!

What is a ROR sitemap?

URL Key Ignore settings

No Broken Links but Auto Generated Sitemap still has 404s

400 links per page limit

Broken links not showing as fixed

Site Search Box for your website

Quality Checker

What is OPML?

How Do I Read the Broken Link Checker page?

hello from oz

How many links on an HTML sitemap?

Need to update my OPML sitemap file with H1, H2 tags please

Spencer-New User

Cannot Activate domains

First post

PageRank Update is rolling through

Missing Pages

Cool Tool

What can I do to improve AutoMapIt for you?

Very slow spidering... can it be stopped so I can tweak it?

Missing Pages, Back in Sitemap, FTP

get links

Missing Pages Keep Coming Back in Sitemap

ref link exchange

Auto sitemap upload frequency

update ftp

Basic setup for FTP Updates

Newby Needs Guidance

Should I see the sitemaps?

Why do you make setting up a path so hard?

coding < and > in document head

Am I done?

System Upgrades

Auto-discover FTP Path

sitemaps empty?

Cannot download the sitemaps #2

How RSS Site Maps Get Noticed Using RSS Auto Discovery

RSS Sitemaps are now available

Setting up Auto-FTP for your sitemaps

Spider hiccups

~~ Cannot Download The Sitemaps???

Multiple domains for a sitemap

Google Site Map File

Google Site map creation

SEO Article on Creating Spider-Friendly Websites joins the XML sitemap supporters

google verify

Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since HTTP Headers

Errors from google

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Current Server Time (changes every time you refresh): 18/Jun/2019 11:22:11 AM CDT

Comparing the current time and the "AutoMapIt Crawler Check" file stored on our sitemap gives you an idea of how fresh our current sitemap is. Yes, uses our own sitemap service to keep our sitemaps up to date.