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Enter the full URL to your XML sitemap. This tool will validate your sitemap to be sure that it gets accepted by the search engines... If you check the box to submit your sitemap, this will notify each of the major search engines so they can find your sitemaps quickly.

If you are an AutoMapIt customer, then your sitemaps are validated automatically and they have been submitted to the search engines according to your preferences. There is no need to use the checkbox for submission if your sitemaps have already been submitted, but feel free to validate them!

This tool will check your sitemap for valid XML code and several sitemap-specific criteria. The validator works no matter where you get your sitemaps prepared. I just want to make sure that your sitemaps are working no matter how you created them. This tool will only allow you to submit your sitemaps to the search engines once every 24 hours (to avoid bugging them too much), but you can keep trying the validator until your sitemaps are correct or...

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For the techies out there: This sitemap validator will auto-discover your schema and test against that file. If there is no schema defined in your sitemap file, AutoMapIt defaults to the latest current version of the Sitemap Protocol...

Tests Performed

  1. Each URL in your sitemap is checked against the URL you enter above.
  2. The file is checked for the 50,000 URL limit.
  3. The file is checked for the 10MB file size limit.
  4. Your sitemap is validated for proper XML.