Testimonials on how AutoMapIt has helped Patty David

I know nothing about HTML, so I was a little nervous about trying to put a search site box on my new web site. To be honest, I couldn't even understand where to start. I sent Shawn a quick, desperate email asking for help and what to do first. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an immediate response. But that wasn't the end of Shawn's gracious and patient help. My program was a little buggy, and I was having a lot of trouble getting my site search box to work properly (no fault of AutoMapIt, but some automatically generated code from my program). I couldn't believe how helpful Shawn was. I must have received a dozen emails from him in one night as we chatted back and forth about what to do. Thanks to his expertise and infinite patience, I finally got it working. I came away from that experience absolutely amazed that there are still people around who want to help you without being paid for it (yes, I was signing up for the free service!). In my opinion, Shawn went above and beyond what could ever be expected. The product is great and the personal service is unmatched. I don't know why everyone doesn't use AutoMapIt!
Patty David - http://www.gwua.net/

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