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If you are serious about making money from your website, then you need top rankings and you need to know what the Professional System has to tell you about your website.

You have more than likely heard about what you should do for SEO, but what about the things you shouldn't be doing? The things that hurt your ranking or prevent it from happening at all?

Is your website misbehaving right now? Are ALL of your pages behaving well and inviting the search engines in? Are you sure?

AutoMapIt lets you relax with the full knowledge that your website is ready to rank well. Every page of your website will be crawled and analyzed for critical website errors that prevent or degrade your search engine ranking.

Register for instant access to the Professional Sitemap system and have your website evaluated within minutes. Get reports that detail every problem area on each page of your website. Oh yeah, and you will receive a Google Sitemap and several other sitemap formats, automapit-ly!

After a human reviews your initial setup information, the spiders will begin crawling your website and analyzing your websites health.
Your sitemaps will be updated and the SearchBox results will be updated.
Notificaton Reports are emailed directly to your inbox that let you know if any errors were found in your website.

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