Sitemaps, the key to successful Search Engine Placement

AutoMapIt requires links back to our site from free members. Crawling your website, producing sitemaps, and offering our other services consumes massive amounts of server resources and in return, all we ask from free members is that you provide us with a link back from your homepage. If you are unable to link back to us, your account will be suspended so that we may conserve our resources for those who can provide us with a token of appreciation.

We are not responsible for damage done to your server by improper setup information entered into our database. If you enter a filename for a sitemap and a file with that same name already exists on your server, our system will overwrite your file. This is what makes our automatic updates work properly, it is not intended to be mean :) We check to verify that your information will work properly within our system before activating your account, but you need to have the proper information entered. We're always glad to help you get connected and setup, but the only information we have is what you give us to work with. It's good, common sense to make backups of your website files before activating your account here. If you enter a filename or path incorrectly, AutoMapIt will overwrite files with the same name. This is how it keeps you updated regularly.

Free membership requires acceptance of our ads on your HTML sitemap and a link to us from your homepage. Free membership is currently limited to sites of 500 pages or less to conserve our resources. This means that you can not remove the ads. You cannot use this service for free if you do not use our HTML sitemap on your site and provide a link to us from your homepage. You can modify all of the HTML above and below our code, but you may not modify our code. These ads and links are what keep this a free service. If you are caught abusing this one, we will suspend or delete your account. Your signing up with this site constitutes permission for us to place our Google AdSense ads on your sitemap. Free members are setup to have one complete crawl of your site per month. We will try to notify you of any changes to your account.

I reserve the right to refund and/or deny any website that I see fit for any reason, or for no reason at all. I created this service for the masses, but if I have to remove one website that may interfere with others then I will use this right to protect this service for the masses. A refund of the remaining balance is only fair, but is not required. It all depends on how the system is abused. This is to protect us from those who would abuse this system.

ALL adult-related and gambling-related websites are required to at least use our minimum paid membership to be a member of this service. It is a matter of ad-support for the free websites that require us to not allow our ads on these type of sites. Without the ad-support, we are unable to offer free service to these types of websites.